Cure Chasers Reminders

Safety is our most important Goal

Get everyone back “Safe, Sound, and Smiling” and under your own power

Create a “Better Cycling Experience” for you

Requirements for each ride:

  • A helmet
  • A signed waiver

Stay on the marked course – yellow shield and arrows
- Do not abandon course without telling someone

Obey all rules of the road - same as if in a car

Go where you look, look where you go

Ride with two hands (no texting)

Ride with traffic, not against/into

Stop at all stop signs

Never cross the center yellow line

Never ride more than two abreast

Don’t ride too close to the right

Recommend NOT passing on the right

Bring back whatever trash you make

Cure Chasers Communication Reminders

  • “Car up / car back”
  • “Car passing”
  • “On your left
  • “Slowing”
  • “Stopping”
  • “Dog”

Courtesy wave
- Always use more than one finger.

Pointing to hazards (road kill, water, pot hole, gravel, glass…)

Repeat what you hear, even if last or first rider in pack (so those around you will have confirmation that you heard them)

Don’t assume everyone heard you

Putting an end to acute and chronic diseases through the power of the pedal

Cure Chasers Cycling is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
9994 East Edgewood Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46239

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