Looking for some modivation to get out and ride every week?

  • 1 May 2020 9:36 AM
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    My racing buddy in South Carolina has set up his summer TT event again this year and just posted it.  I am going to use this as a reason to get out there on the bike at least once a week.  Lets face it I have lost my motivation and it is showing on the scale.  Seeing that he is doing this has me lifting my head and both chins.  This is free to join and it was extremely easy to participate in last year.  Since all other events this year seem to be getting canceled this may be the only event that won't.  I already have a segment setup east of Greenwood that is an easy warm-up from the Clarks School parking lot.  You can set one up in your neck of the woods if you don't want to travel to mine.  You don't have to be a competitive racer to join.  consistency is the name of this game.  I was third last year until R.A.I.N. and then finished out 20th I think.  Please read below and ask me any questions if you have them.  No you don't have to ride a recumbent to participate though it sure does make it more enjoyable.

    Cruzbike Time Trial Challenge 2020


    The 2020 Cruzbike Time Trial (TT) Challenge Series is a 21-week cycling challenge that is created and administered by Larry Oslund. It is officially approved by Cruzbike.

    Week #1 will begin on Monday May 4th - and last through Sunday Sept 27th.

    If you participated in the 2019 Summer TT Challenge, this will be very similar, utilizing an outdoor 12-mile Strava Segment, it will just be 21 weeks instead of 12 weeks this year. You can even use your save Strava Segment if you were happy with it.


    Anyone can win! Based on Alvin Maxwell’s live Time Trial Series in Washington, NC, this series is designed to give everyone an equal chance to win – male and female, young and old, any bike type, regardless of rider conditioning. The rider that is the most consistent and improves the most over the course of the series wins. There will also be weekly winners so everyone in the series has the chance to win at some point!


    • Your bike - any kind!
    • 12-mile Strava Segment of you choosing. You can probably find one local to you that someone has already created, or you can create a new one of your own.
    • Strava account (you can create one free)
    • You will need either a smartphone to run Strava or a Garmin (or similar data collecting device/ride computer) that can collect your ride data and upload it to Strava. Most new ride computers can be set up to auto upload to Strava.
    • Consistency. You should be willing to do the TT at least once a week, but whenever you want. You can skip weeks, but the more consistent you can be the better.


    • Weeks will run Monday through Sunday
    • Week #1 will begin on Monday May 4 and last through Sunday Sept 27. The remaining weeks #2-21 follow the same Monday through Sunday pattern.
    • Prior to your first week you need to have identified or created your 12-mile Time Trial (TT) route. Ideally it is flat and must be out and back or a loop that starts and ends at the same spot. Several smaller loops such as (4) 3-mile loops can also make your segment, but I would really recommend trying to find a good out and back route. Pick something that does not have stoplights, and only right hand turns if you can. (If you do not know how to create a segment, let Larry know and he can help you do it, or do it for you: larryoslund@gmail.com. There is also a post (https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918157-Create-a-Segment) with screenshots that explains it.)
    • NOTE: Your route does not have to be exactly 12 miles long, but should not be less than 11.5 or greater than 12.5 miles. Remember - you are not ranked on your overall time to complete your course, but how fast you are each week compared to your personal best.
    • Each rider will ride their 12 mile “segment” as hard as they can each week and submit their results by emailing Larry (larryoslund@gmail.com) their Strava ride link. Results must be submitted by 11:59 pm the following Monday for the previous week.
    • Larry tabulates the results and posts them on the Cruzbike forum usually on Tues
    • You and your local friends who are doing the challenge may use the same course, but drafting is not allowed. If you do use the same course calculate the difference between your PB’s and start the person with the longest PB first and leave at your delta interval. This way you will most likely end up at the finish at roughly the same time if you ride close your PBs.



    All riders ride their courses as hard and fast as they can (no sandbagging!). This will be your initial Personal Best (PB). Each rider will receive 1 point that rides during this 1st week. There will be no weekly winner the first week. The cutoff for submitting your segment each week is Monday at 11:59 p.m.


    Scoring is based on how many riders are competing. After the cutoff for the week, each rider’s time offset from their Personal Best will be used to determine the placing and points for that week. If 20 riders compete, then 1st place gets 20 points, 2nd place 19, etc. If 10 riders, then 10, 9, 8, etc. If there is a tie, the tied riders will get the same number of points.


    To encourage consistent all out effort and disincentivize sandbagging, we are creating a new weekly bonus point system:

    • Exceeding your PB by 1-10 seconds = 5 bonus points
    • Exceeding your PB by 11-20 seconds = 3 bonus points
    • Exceeding your PB by 21-30 seconds = 1 bonus point
    • Exceeding your PB by more than 30 seconds = 0 bonus points (because you should never go that much faster from one week to the next.)



    Anyone joining after the first week will be considered a new rider and receive 1 point after their first ride regardless of what week it is. If there is more than 1 new rider, they all receive 1 point. If you do not ride, you do not get any points. If you ride and get last place, you still get more points than the rider that did not ride at all!

    You can ride your segment anytime within the week from Monday at 12:00 am to Sunday at 11:59 pm. We will announce a weekly winner along with the cumulative points for each rider on Tuesday.

    Weekly standings will be posted on the Cruzbike forum.

    The participant with the most points after the 21 weeks is the winner.


    Anyone on any bike can participate as long as they can ride the same 12-mile TT route once each week. The results will be available on the Cruzbike forum.

    Please email larryoslund@gmail.com if you are interested in participating.


    • Best prize of all - “The satisfaction of a job well done” when you try your best. Everyone is a winner when they do their best and accomplish a goal - plus better fitness is a great bonus too!
    • Everyone has a chance to “win” each week by beating their PB by the most seconds.
    • Overall winner with most points - Well, Bragging rights of course?
    • Cruzbike will provide a custom 2020 Cruzbike TT Challenge racing Jersey to the overall winner.
    • Cruzbike Retreat TT Challenge. Anyone going to the retreat this year (Oct 15-18) that participated in the challenge this year will automatically be entered in a similar “live” event held during the retreat. There will also be a 2020 Cruzbike TT Challenge Jersey awarded to the winner of this event.

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